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Uncle Bogator

Bogator's Tooth

Bogator's Tooth

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As legend has it: Uncle Bogator was in the swamps of Central Florida listening to some Lynyrd Skynyrd, when lo and behold, a mighty bull gator crossed his path. He didn't like that your old Uncle was on his turf so he drew a line in the sand. Bogator crossed that line and the two entered into a melee that had all the swamp creatures watching in awe. The battle lasted for days and days. 

Tired, battle trodden, and bloodied, both decided that a victory was not to be had so they called a truce. They each exchanged a tooth in commemoration of that historic brawl. They say you can still hear the Free Bird guitar solo playing through the breeze as it kisses the Spanish Moss in the spot where those two fighters stood. 

Uncle Bogator went back to the mighty bull gator and gathered a few more teeth to share with the congregation. 

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